Our Team

Our Grammy-winning, highly experienced team will handle all of your audio and video recording needs at every step of the way from planning to execution to distribution and promotion. The Soapbox team are proven and experienced experts in all disciplines of audio and video recording and marketing and are committed to your satisfaction with the content we help you create.

Mark Pastoria

With 30 years of recording and production experience, Mark has provided audio and video content for numerous Fortune 500 clients. With a hands-on approach, Mark prides himself on his ability to understand a client's needs and execute strategies that target specific goals and objectives. Beyond his engineering and production prowess, Mark also writes award winning jingles, many of which we have no doubt are stuck in your heads too! In recognition of Mark’s work as both engineer and songwriter, Mark is a 2-time Grammy Award winner and 1-time Emmy nominee.

Kristin Kujawa

As Studio Manager and Client Account Executive, Kristin oversees all Soapbox Studios operations and client onboarding and account management. In addition, Kristin works on behalf of the studio’s clients to publish and promote their content on social media and other channels.

Jeff Sloan

Jeff is a visionary entrepreneurial expert with a proficiency in guiding early stage companies to success and is himself proud to have all of his own radio, video, and podcast content produced by the team at Soapbox Studios. For each client engagement, Jeff is always eager to offer creative and strategic guidance in order to optimize results.

Gary Sloan

Gary oversees Soapbox Studios business development efforts while leading Soapbox’s client content distribution strategies. Gary’s deep industry knowledge helps the studio’s clients plan and execute strategies that lead to campaign success.

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